Pinky Purple For James Romberger Seed Tink

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Wright started making collages in the early 80s and published them as postcards. The hybrid poetry and collage "mail art" was often collaboratively created. It was widely exchanged and also collected.

Today, Wright recycles his outdated incoming mail pieces; they become supports for mixed media collages. He expands upon the stylized figure, making it his own in hand-drawn iterations. Tinkerbelle hovers over graffiti, detritus, and grass-roots advertising garnered from East Village walls and lamp posts. The backdrop is an Eden for her flights of fancy.

Tinkerbelle came into the picture around 2010 while Wright was teaching in the public schools and looking at or creating educational imagery, like coloring books. Tribes Gallery and Capital One Bank exhibited Tinkerbelles. Wright reproduced them on the covers of his zine Live Mag!. He pursued the poetic subject and muse in most of his collages through 2012. Tinkerbelle continues to figure into Wright mythology.