Blue Lyre

Blue Lyre 2018
Dos Madres Press
New York, NY

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a leading voice of New Romanticism in the American Underground. His 15th book is a collection of stand-alone poems that combine to form a powerful portrait of a citizen, lover, family member, and seasoned artist. Blue Lyre will pull your leg and your heartstrings.

…comments about relationships, bar-hopping, and the creative process, are all tied, sometimes transparently, sometimes obscurely, to an ecological perspective. This is what gives the book so much unity and, dare I say it, heart.

…in multiple poems, Wright takes techniques developed by the New York School and uses them to infuse poetry with a resonant, resolute ecological mind..

—Jim Feast in Cafe Review

I emptied two magazines of my .380 PPK at Jeffrey C. Wright’s bulletproof poems, and they didn’t make a dent. A poet true to his word and the Word, Jeff takes himself as seriously as a threatened world of fragile humans will allow. He is lyrical, attentive, and gracious. He is also civilized: Sextus Propertius in NY.

—Andrei Codrescu, author of The Art Of Forgetting: New Poems

I’ve been a fan of Jeffrey Cyphers Wright’s poetry since the nineteen eighties when I first heard him read. He writes explosive poetry that always has a political edge. His new book, Blue Lyre, is a masterpiece and a must read for all his fans out there. Wright is a true original who has perfected his voice. His poetry is not only a record of our times but landmarks for future generations. Yes, he is that good.

—Hal Sirowitz, former poet laureate of Queens, New York

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