The Mean Poems

Hard Press 2022

Equal parts funny and wicked, this collection by Wright is best suited for those who like a bit of fun. You, and he, make lemonade out of lemons. Not for the faint of heart.

Here’s one that’s fit to print:

Gang of Seven

I shot the sheriff.
Then I shot
the six deputies.
I chose the place.
They chose the time.
The seven hangmen
(and women)
got so tangled up
in their lines,
they bit off
each other’s tongues
telling vicious,
pernicious lies.

From the introduction:

The Mean Poems are a direct response to the bad behavior of board members in an East Village community garden … Wright takes a cue from the scathing pages of Catullus …Revenge without calories … Courage!

For some background information, see this.

Beautifully designed with a screen-printed cover on Ingres paper by d-LABS, NYC, each copy in this edition of 50 is hand-stamped and signed and the author.

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