Radio Poems

Radio Poems 2017
The Operating System
New York, NY

“You should always write with the radio on.” – Ted Berrigan

Not since Cocteau’s film, Orpheus, has a writer tapped into the poetic unconscious of the radio with such witty and marvelous results. Jeffrey Cyphers Wright’s ‘Radio’ plays nonstop hit poems with an energizing staccato rhythm that brings the “divine monkey business” that is New York and its many underground scenes back to life. “The odyssey is not easy,” but extremely rewarding, for here you’ll find the city in all its eccentric, deviant glory. He’s both a poet and DJ for our times – riffing off sights, sounds, songs, and language to create the ultimate cultural remix!

– Elaine Equi

We can “turn the dial” and find a new revelation on every page, absorbing smart dissections and magical leaps…. And this is the poet’s obligation, after all, to render the old new, to elicit inventive and ingenious ways to see life afresh. Radio Poems is the work of a cutting-edge contemporary artist who honors history and heritage while keeping beat to a modern tempo with keen observations.

– Review by Karen Corinne Herceg in North of Oxford

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