JCW on the WWW 2001-
  • The Cafe Review “Dalliance with the Devil,“Les Fleurs de Nuit,“Gone” in Summer 2021, Summer 2016 issues.

  • North of Oxford Poems and mentions on this site, including “Cantata.”

  • “The Sacred Art of Becoming” Jeff’s review of Elaine Equi’s The Intangibles in American Book Review (July/August 2021).

  • The Fun Doctrine
    Four evenings in September, 2021 are the culmination of Jeff’s Residency at Howl Arts, NYC.

  • Film by Jeff, The Paris Accord in Lit Balm International Surrealist Poetry Extravaganza at 50:00. Zoom reading at 5pm July 31st, 2021.

  • Jeff’s poem “Gold Filter” on Global Poemic.

  • “Bustout Nation” a recording of the May 24, 2021 La Mama and Poetry Electric live event hosted by Jeff and William Electric Black and featuring Jeff’s puppet show, poetry by Penny Arcade, Jose Padua, and others, with art by Carl Hazlewood.

  • “Tilt,” “Burning Rings,” “Echo’s Chamber,” “Here for You” on StatoRec

  • March 2021 events A Downtown State of Mind: Part I, and Part II in collaboration with the New York Public Library: JCW hosts associated poets and artists in a celebration of LiVE Mag! #17.

  • Backroom Broadsides 3/16/21 reading: Jim Ruggia hosts poets JCW and Vyt Bakaitis.

  • The Good Outlaw 2010 Event by Jeff performed by Jeff with artists and poets at AC Studios in Chelsea, NY

  • Big Bridge has Jeff’s Bush era epic “red Corvette” ÜBER CLUE.

  • The Key Ceremony feature performance documentary. Jeffrey Cyphers Wright—producer/director; Lili White—editor; Featuring Jeff with downtown poets, artists, musicians, garden activists and would-be reformers. Contains excerpts of the play “Clubhouse on 13th Street.” Music by City Keys, Roger Manning, and more. See link below to an informational web page about it.

  • Posit Journal Poems: Laughing Matter, Temple of Jupiter, The Missing Linx, and Troubadour’s Notebook.

  • Sensitive Skin Beer Virus Reading #5 Gerald Nicosia Emily Carter Jeff Wright Bob Holman. April 23, 2020 YouTube reading. Jeff reads from four of his books and new poems at 21:05.

  • Sensitive Skin “How to Live With Yourself”

  • AM|FM Magazine November 2018 Spotlight: John Wisniewki interviews JCW

  • Later Than You Think Jeff reading at Lichtundfire Gallery, September 2018

  • Nostrovia! 2017 feature: interview, art, and two poems

  • LiVE Mag! Jeff’s 40 +- page art and poetry mag

  • Empty Mirror Collages

  • Poets Reading the News Jeff’s illustrated political poetry

  • The Key Ceremony Community Garden Event, associated art and performance.

  • Clubhouse on East 13th Don Yorty’s video of a preview reading, at Sidewalk Cafe, of Jeff’s play Clubhouse on East 13th featuring Wright, Hillary Keel, Debra Jenks, Surge, Jane LeCroy, Anders Goldfarb, and Debra Drexler

  • Art Nexus Jeff’s reviews of Latin American art

  • Brooklyn Rail Jeff’s poetry column and other contributions

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