JCW on the Interwebs
  • The Good Outlaw 2010 Event by Jeff performed by Jeff with artists and poets at AC Studios in Chelsea, NY

  • Big Bridge has Jeff’s Bush era epic “red Corvette” ÜBER CLUE.

  • The Key Ceremony feature performance documentary. Jeffrey Cyphers Wright—producer/director; Lili White—editor; Featuring Jeff with downtown poets, artists, musicians, garden activists and would-be reformers. Contains excerpts of the play “Clubhouse on 13th Street.” Music by City Keys, Roger Manning, and more. See link below to an informational web page about it.

  • Posit Journal Poems: Laughing Matter, Temple of Jupiter, The Missing Linx, and Troubadour’s Notebook.

  • Sensitive Skin Beer Virus Reading #5 Gerald Nicosia Emily Carter Jeff Wright Bob Holman. April 23, 2020 YouTube reading. Jeff reads from four of his books and new poems at 21:05.

  • Sensitive Skin “How to Live With Yourself”

  • AM|FM Magazine November 2018 Spotlight: John Wisniewki interviews JCW

  • Later Than You Think Jeff reading at Lichtundfire Gallery, September 2018

  • Nostrovia! 2017 feature: interview, art, and two poems

  • Live Mag Jeff’s 14 issue, 40 page art and poetry mag

  • Empty Mirror Collages

  • Poets Reading the News Jeff’s illustrated political poetry

  • The Key Ceremony Community Garden Event, associated art and performance.

  • Clubhouse on East 13th Don Yorty’s video of a preview reading, at Sidewalk Cafe, of Jeff’s play Clubhouse on East 13th featuring Wright, Hillary Keel, Debra Jenks, Surge, Jane LeCroy, Anders Goldfarb, and Debra Drexler

  • Art Nexus Jeff’s reviews of Latin American art

  • Brooklyn Rail Jeff’s poetry column and other contributions

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